Battlerite – Bakko’s Egg Brawl


During my internship at Stunlock Studios AB i was part of a team creating gamemodes for Battlerite. The first one we created that was realesed as part of the game for the easter patch was Bakko’s Egg Brawl. A quick dodgeball like gamemode where you play as the character Bakko where you pick up and throw different kinds of egg’s to kill your enemies.

AI Prototype

ai-prototypeSchool assignment lapping over 5 weeks. Using Unity 5 to create an AI of any some sort. I chose to create a Behavior Tree in a game where you shoot lasers based on where you point the mouse to kill civilians and soldiers on the map.

Project Snowman VR

fe4dfa5853-snowmanThis game was created during a HTC-Vive Game Jam using Unity 5 by me and four others during a weekend. My primary role was programming. Using mostly pre made scripts written by a programmer part of hosting the event we spent most time modifying those scripts as well as creating others needed.

Zombie Hike

zombie-hikeZombie Hike is a sort of Hack and slash game set in a forest full of zombies. It was created using Unity 5 in a group of 5. My main focus was project manager and programmer. The game uses randomly generated levels where you run around in a forest fighting hordes of zombies.



aohAOH is the project name of a school assignment in level design in Unreal Engine 4 in a group of 4 people each doing one level. The game is a FPS platformer where you navigate the levels using a rocket jump function to reach platforms or jumping over obstacles.


Bingo the Loose Dog

bingo-the-loose-dogOne of the earlier projects using GameMaker Studio in a group of 3 people. The assignment was to create a platformer game with special focus on the “persona” who would by the game. My main focus during the creation of this game was project manager, graphics, level design and a bit of programming.


galabaahCreated using GameMaker Studio with a group of 4 members. GalaBAAH is the first game i was part of creating. My main focus was character design and programming. This was a school assignment where we were supposed to take and old arcade game and change it so we made Galaga about sheeps.